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My First Exhibition!!!

18th World of Coloured Pencil Exhibition, Keswick

I'm so exited to have delivered my original piece 'Moraine Lake' to the 18th World of Coloured Pencils Exhibition which was held at the historic Derwent Pencil Museum in Keswick from 17th May - 26th June 2021. The piece is a tribute to a beautiful mountain view in the Canadian Rockies. The valleys surrounding Moraine Lake are home to a relatively high population of grizzly bears and so I have added a portrait of Mamma Bear and her cub to the scene. The exhibition was free to attend and displayed beautiful works by 59 artists. It was so rewarding to receive feedback from the voting slips submitted by members of the public who attended the event. Some of my favourite comments I received were:

"Both calming and stunning"

"Reminds me of when I lived in Canada"

"Great picture! If I was actually there it would be amazing"

"I like the depth of the reflections and the bears are cute!"

"Colouring of the water and fine details are lovely"

"Loved the scenic view of the lakes"

One of the reasons I create art is a wish that a piece will evoke feelings of joy and hope for the viewer and so I was immensely grateful to receive these comments.

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