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Throughout my life there has been nothing that has both astonished and refreshed my soul more than the beauty of the natural world. Drawing and painting allows me to immerse myself in a world that I create on paper and it is my longing that the finished artworks evoke the feelings of joy, hope and wonder that the subject matter inspires in me. Often I aim to represent landscape features accurately so that a scene would be instantly recognisable (e.g. Moraine Lake) but I'm also happy to be inventive with compositions and sometimes draw or paint 'from the heart' using a combination of elements from different references (e.g. The Dream of Japan) or even create an expressive piece completely from my imagination but rooted in a happy observation (e.g. the Stag of Dunham Massey). 

Whilst I did study art at high school my favourite subject was science. With a degree in chemistry I have since enjoyed spending my working life as a high school chemistry teacher; a vocation which enables me to share the joy I take in understanding the world around us. My chemical knowledge has simultaneously deepened both my understanding of nature and my appreciation of the qualities of media I use for my artwork such as the origin of pigment colours, solubilities and lightfastness. The overlap of chemistry and art is reflected in the name of the studio: Elements Fine Arts.


A key aspect of my artwork which I am excited to develop concerns sustainability. The beauty of the natural world has never been under greater threat from humankind and it is up to each of us to make more informed and environmentally conscious choices in order to protect our planet. I hope that both the subjects of my pieces and my approach to creating art can be an influence for positive change.

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May 2021

Delivering the original piece "Moraine Lake" to the 18th World of Coloured Pencil Exhibition, Keswick, May 2021

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